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The Norwegian Motorcycle Federation has roots going back to 1916, but it was not until year 2001 The Norwegian Motorcycle Federation, The Norwegian Snowmobile Federation and The Norwegian Powerboat Federation merged and established The Norwegian Motorsport Federation. Later The Norwegian RC Car Federation also joined. The NMF became one of the larger federations within the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports.

The organization holds over 7000 athletes. One of the four divisions within the Norwegian Motorsport Federation is The Norwegian Motorcycle Federation. The Motorcycle part of the organization is a part of Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and Union Europeenne de Motocyclisme (UEM) who is the international and continental federation for this part of NMF. The Norwegian Motorcycle Federation organizes disciplines within motocross, trial, road racing, endure, ATV/Quad, Hill climb, Drag bike, Supermoto and Track Racing. The NMF has gathered all administration for all divisions and sports in one headquarter in Drammen, 30 minutes outside Oslo. Fifteen employees divided in sports, and non-sporting divisions work daily with the administration of hundreds of competitions, starting permissions for drivers for International events, as well as managing the national teams and youth programs, marketing, and all other aspects of managing the sport.

The organization is non-commercial and registered as an non-profit organization, based on volunteer-work around the nation. Should you need further information regarding the organization of Norwegian Sport, you can contact The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, the umbrella organization which organizes all national sports federations in Norway, including the NMF.

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For all foreign organizers: See our insurance-spesial with information regarding drivers licences issued by The Norwegian Motorsport Federation!